How to use Javascript URL in outsystems

Hi All,

How to run Javascript url in webscreen ( in button / in prepartion ) to open the javascript url. 

I have tried using HTTPRequestHandler - > RunJavascript action and kept the url (

But not able to redirect to this above new url link. 

Cud any one suggest how to use this javascript url code in button or wescreen preparation. 





did you check this post and this document?

NOTE: I don't know if solve your issue, but navigates to a given URL, which can be defined during development time or runtime. During the development time the URL is entered in the URL property of the External Site Tool. To supply the URL dynamically you need the URL input parameter which you can create by right-clicking the External Site in the tree and selecting Add Input Parameter. The name URL of the input parameter must not change.

Encode the URL by using the EncodeURL() built-in function.


Hi Gangadhara,

RunJavascript Action will execute the js at client side. 

if your case is to add the script in doc, you can use AddJavaScriptTag Action.


Ali Amin