Displaying data from different entities without joining them at the aggregate editor


I am creating an app, where users upload an item and the price of the item. In my database, the price and item are in separate entities (as shown in my oml). In my display page, I want to display the name and price of the item. However, i do not want to use the join function in the aggregate editor (reason below). Is there a way such that i match the item and the price in the display page accordingly? Because currently, when i tried taking data in the "display" page separately, the prices that are displayed do not correspond to the item. 

[The reason i do not want to use the join is because I want a new record in price to be created (i want to keep the old prices for record purposes) whenever the user edit the prices. This will cause the "price" entity to have 2 prices with the same itemId. This will result in the list in the display page to duplicate the item (but displaying different prices), which is not what i want. I want such that whenever the price is edited, the price displayed in the list will change accordingly.]

Hi Jolene,

To differentiate between the prices for an item you will need to add distinctive attribute to your entity.
For example, if you add a start date and an end date you will be able to select a single price easily, and you will be able to see the price history. When you only use a start date you will have to use advanced queries to select the latest start date that is before the current date i think.
Of course you can also use a start date and a status (active/ not active).

Kind regards,