I'm working to embark on a project like wechat App. I need to know all the plugins

I want to know all the wechat plugins especially having wallet for funding(mobile payment), social media and messaging and how to build similar App from the scratch. I really want to know if I can do it as a personal project.

Hi Ugwe,

The general rule for developing complex apps: you need to be a very experienced developer. If you're just a beginner with a great idea, that won't cut it.

How do I get start and what it entails?

Elaborate more

Hello Ugwu.

You can take a look at the brand new Training Planner and see what it recommends for you to study.

How can I get that and how much does it cost for the training?

Follow the link above.

Regarding training, it can be done freely on the Learn section of the website.

There is also classroom training, but with Covid most physical event are on hold.