How many domain SSL certificates can be loaded to one environment?


Platform 11, running on Outsystems Enterprise.

Apologies for the noob question but I've been advised that you can only load one domain certificate per environment. Is that correct? Does a single environment have the ability to load multiple security certificates? 

We have a large environment and will have more than 7 apps running with 7 different domain names. A multi-domain certificate usually only covers 4 domains; a wildcard cert covers 1 domain and unlimited subdomains. 

We need coverage for more domains than 4, and because we have multiple domain names, a wildcard doesn't work either. 

Thanks in advance. 

Hi Alistair,

Are we talking about an On Premise or Cloud environment?

For On Premise I guess you could setup multiple bindings in IIS, each with its own certificate.

For Cloud you should check out the section Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificates in this docs from OutSystems success pages.

Hope this helps!