Hi Guys,


We have a custom filed that represent "Production Release Date" and I'm using JIRA Connector API to query that field in a form, I know the custom filed number (see attached )

and my understanding that I can define a new custom filed with that number eg.Customfield_11430 in the output structure used to populate the required filed, but I need to know under which structure that custom filed is located so I can define it under the correct structure,?
so for example the current structure that exists in JIRA Connector is as attached below and the new Customefiled_11430 needs to fall under the correct hierarchy eg. under FixVesion or Resolution...etc so how can know where this filed should be ? if maybe there a fields definition page that exists in JIRA that shows where each field is located or defined?





Hi John,

Questions about a Forge component can best be asked in the component's subforum, as the component maintainers will be notified of the question in that case.