Reactive tutorial - Asynchronous data fetching using Aggregates

Hey fellow OutSystems developers,

The team at OutPower (OutSystems' Training and Recruitment) has released a new tutorial, on asynchronous data fetching using Aggregates:

OutPower Tutorial - RWA - asynchronous data fetching using Aggregates - YouTube link:

On this tutorial we give a look into how it is possible, for mobile apps and reactive web applications, to use asynchronous data fetching with aggregates. We go through a small example to explain this and all the necessary steps to achieve this objective.

This tutorial is part of a Reactive series which, I would say, is awesome, but that's me! ;) That's not all though, there is more... have a look in the youtube channel:

So that you can understand what I mean, here's the list of tutorials.


Other OutSystems tutorials:

Any feedback is welcome!

Stay safe!


Thanks Tiago for sharing.

Thanks for sharing Tiago. 

Thanks Tiago! Very good!

For everyone thanking Tiago: also like his post, he deserves the thumbs up :).

I agree, some work was put in to create all of this content. Well done Tiago!

Thank you everyone!

Thanks Kilian! ;)

I would say that one easy way to help is just letting your colleagues know about the tutorials.

In the meantime, we're starting to look into finding a way to collaborate with OutSystems, to support each other for the greater good of the community.

Recently, OutSystems announced they have opened up their documentation to external collaboration and there are plans to extend this into other areas... fingers crossed!

Thanks Tiago for sharing.

Thank you everyone.

As long as we stay healthy, we'll be here supporting the community.

We already have another tutorial ready to release :) - on how to send emails from Reactive apps ;)

Stay tuned.

Stay safe!