[String to Date & Time converter & Vice Versa] Demo is asking for password

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Published on 4 May by Nikhil Gaur
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Published on 4 May by Nikhil Gaur

Hi Nikhil, the demo app is asking for user and password. Do you mind opening it? 

Hi Joao,

Thanks for highliting. I have made it anonymous.

Hi Nikhul,

I saw this component its good but i think there is need some improvement.

1. when i convert datetime to string and if i do not put time it is giving unexpected result it should take default time.

like below image-

2. when i convert string to datetime like bwlow image

i am providing format but it did not accept there should be one tool tip to show format for except.

Hope this will change or if i am not wrong.


Rahul Sahu