How to make star flash on widget by screen action?

Hi ,There,

It is a web page ,  there is many redpacket  icon on page which once clicked by user it will give money to users . how can I make one animation effect :

1. once user click the redpacket link and confirmed.

2. the wallet icon on page will flash with one star icon . let users know that the money comes into your wallet .

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Hi Jack,

You dont give us a lot of information to begin with, but you can take a look at CSS Animations to create the animation effect:

For use case one, play the animation after the button has been clicked.

For use case 2, depending on the  situation you can use websockets to trigger the animation when money comes into the wallet.

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Hi Jack Bao,

You can do one thing show you wallet permanent and just above add if widget and put true block one star and set their property Animated 'Yes' take one local variable isAdded pu this in if condition.

take one webblock for confirmation if user click on use assign IsAdded true else false
when user click on redpacket  icon click  action and show this popup

I Have one added oml for .also you can add some css for animation accrodinlgy

hope this will help you


Rahul Sahu