Create add-in for Outlook 365

Anyone know if it is possible to create an add-in for Outlook 365?. I mean an additional button in the Outlook ribbon that starts an Outsystems procedure / app?



did you try with this component (Office 365 Connector) from forge?

And maybe this can help you: Office 365 APIs platform overview

I hope this help you


Hello Fietta.

You can create your Outlook add-in following Microsoft's guidelines.

Where that add-in links to is up to you. It can be an OutSystems portal.

Hi Nuno,

I'm already following Microsoft's guidelines and I'm using Visual Studio 2019 for this. I already developed a working test add-in,  but my question is if it's possible or not to use Outsystems instead of VS so to speed up the development.



Add-ins don't fall into the target of OutSystems (websites and mobile apps).

Because the add-ins get deployed to IIS, you can probably hack the module to do that also, but it is not timesaving.

What you can do is an emulator of Outlook 365 and there create several add-ins. For that, OutSystems (by using the plugin Verdasca talked about) is a timesaving option.


I understand, Nuno.

Moreover, I have already tried building an Outlook interface with Outsystems thanks to the components in Forge and the use of Graph APIs, everything works well but for my purposes I also need a native add-in in Outlook. I realized that I just have to continue with Visual Studio for this, which however is only a small part of a much larger and now complete application that I created in Outsystem.

Anyway thanks.