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Please forgive the redundancy of my questions, trying to wrap my head around the new concepts,  I will outline the situation below...

We are a JD Edward ERP shop with SQL DB's.  I have copied off 2 tables(JDE) and exported them to excel and imported to OutSystems as Entities and Bootstrapped.

Table 1:

Master(F4101) === > Primary Key (SQL - IMITM) - OutSystems === > Key (Identifier)

Table 2:

Summary(F41021) === > Primary Key(SQL - LIITM, LIMCU, LILOCN, LILOTN) - OutSystems === > Key (Identifier)

I can view data fine from (View Data), my goal is to apply my Guided Path examples and apply real world data from our system.

I have been able to create a main screen displaying Master File data and a link to go to the Summary screen displaying summary data by Identifier.  This is not correct however, I need a similar format as described in my table 1 and 2 examples.

Thank again for the assistance....


MASTER Table\Entity: Primary Key (SQL - IMITM) - OutSystems === > Key (Identifier)

I have experimented with changing the Identifier to IMITM on previous imports and was still able to view data.

SUMMARY Table\Entity: 

Primary Key(SQL - LIITM, LIMCU, LILOCN, LILOTN) - OutSystems === > Key (Identifier)

I even attempted to change the Identifier on previous imports to LIITM and I no longer was able to view data. Could be key issues??


Remember that in OutSystems you do not have primary keys with multiple fields, but you can build an index with multiple fields. This indexes also allow to enforce that the value is unique. 

The primary key is unique if the primary key is LIITM the Bootstrapp action will create only one record for each different LIITM value in the EXCEL file and rewrite those records every time it finds a new line with the same LIITM value. 

Hope this ideas help.



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Hello Maria,

Thank you for your reply....can you direct me to any documentation regarding Index creation?


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Got it.....

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After creating the Indexes,  I don't seem to see the area to access them as I would the Identifiers......

You don´t. You have to use the fields in an aggregate, the index allow a very quick read from the record, and if it is unique, ensures when a record is written, that that exact set of values do not exists yet.