Reactive Web Auto Logout

We are in the process of re-building some of our traditional web pages in Reactive Web. In traditional web, we have configured the session timeout for our site (12 hours). Currently, the reactive web application logs the user out automatically when the user is idle for around 30 minutes to an hour.

I tried configuring the setting in Administration -> Security -> Applications Authentication -> Max Idle Time under "Session Login Settings" heading in Service Center, but this did not seem to resolve the issue. We are not using persistent login. This link makes it seem like the Max Idle Time is the correct setting to use:

Does anyone know how we configure the logout/timeout setting on a Reactive Web application?


Have you republished the application after changing this setting? It could be that the changes were not applied yet.

Thanks for the reply! After more testing (and maybe republishing?) the Max Idle Time setting seemed to achieve what we were looking for. 

I have also tried to change the parameter 'Max Idle Time' and republish my reactive web app. But the session timeout does not work. Please advise

me too. 

I already changes max idle time become 1 minute and check after login we wait until 5 minutes then refresh the page, it still not redirect to login page.

any one can assist me, pls? 

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