Outsystems asking for "Refresh dependecies" over and over again

Hello all,

We have a huge UI Traditional Web module at the moment, which we are trying to break into pieces as - functionally-linked web-blocks would go into one module, in order to reduce the size of this big module. Since the functionality is implemented already and doesn't look like changing anytime soon, having those dependencies between modules is acceptable.

So I created a new module, imported the right theme, copy-pasted the web-blocks from the huge module (let's name it A) to the new module(let's name it B). All good and nice, I made the web-blocks public so I can use them in module A, where needed, and I published.

In module A, I consumed the web-blocks exposed from module B and I published. Tested it and it works as expected. 

However, with no other change to module B afterward, when opening the dialogue window for dependencies from module A, it displays module B as needing a refresh and no matter how many times I click on refresh dependencies button, it keeps asking for it.

I have to mention that no cyclic dependencies are present, no warnings are displayed in ServiceCenter or in ServiceStudio, it is just that the "Refresh all" button is always enabled in the dependencies dialogue like there has been some change in module B, but it hasn't. Module A is listed in the Consumers list of module B, and Module B is listed in the Producers list of module A, so no cyclic dependencies.

I this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? Is it the case that because of the copy-paste of the web-blocks, some hanging references are left? I am not sure how to fix this...



When you imported things into the new module, you may have taken references from the previous module back. First of all, click with the right mouse button on the module name, and delete references that are not being used. If you still feel the pressure, I advise you to go to the References and validate what you are using from the previous module.

I already cleaned the unused dependencies and the new module looks ok. As I mentioned, the two modules have one-way reference, from A-> B and no other visible references. 

I searched through the references and it seems that only the correct references are used.

Hi Maria,

That's something unusual I think...Did you already try to publish your modules in Service Center and verify if you still have problems?

You can create a solution with your modules and publish it. After that try to republish the version that you have open in Service Studio.

Hope that can help.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

Yes, what Ricardo said, can solve. Create a solution in the service center and publish it

To create a solution, login in Service Center, go to Factory > Solutions > New Solution (as you can see in the image:

Creating and using an "All Components" solution

Please, check this document, where you will find step by step how you can do it:

Deploy applications through Service Center

I hope this information helps you


Hello Ricardo and Nuno,

Thank you for the suggestion. I tried right now to publish the modules through a solution from Service Center. Unfortunately, the solution crashed before completing with the error:

Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

So I am thinking that it is something from the Outsystems server or something with the environment or with the modules. I will investigate more what might be the cause of this.

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Hi Maria,

Maybe your problem is really the connection to the server.

In service studio, you can open and publish other applications?

That is a On Prem or Paas environment?

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

Publishing works both from Service Studio and Service Center, but publishing the solution with those 2 specific modules crashes. 

The environment is Paas, yes.