Hi Experts,

We want to send email alerts to OutSystems admins in our organization . Are there any alerts available by default and what are the critical/significant parameters that can be monitored and reported without any development effort ? Any experience 


As far as I know, there is nothing built-in like that by OutSystems, except for performance reporting collected by LifeTime Analytics.

OutSystems do generate different kinds of logging, and these are exposed so you can make a solution to check the logs and generate specific emails. But there is some delay then between the actual event that ends up in the log and your code detecting the log entry and sending the email.  



Thank you Daniel. 

Yes developing a solution on top of the logging APIs and on top of that alerts is an idea we also are having , but looking at the deadline that we have to submit a feasibility for the short term i was checking if there is something inbuilt that can be used at least to get started with .