Day of week from a given date


I have a date for eg: 30 march 2020. I want to know the day of week i.e. MONDAY.

Is there any outsytems function for this? 


Yes. DayOfWeek:

It returns an integer indicating the day of the week: 0 to Sunday.



P.S. If you want the name of the day, you can, for example, have a Static Entity with the names and use the result of the DayOfWeek built-in function to fetch the correct name.


Hi Shubham,

you can check this functions:  Built-in Functions | Date and Time

All of these functions can be used in xy Expressions.

I hope this help you,

Nuno Verdasca

Thanks a lot guys. You are the best.

You don't have to thank .. Eduardo was faster than me :)