Need information about Inactive Users in Users module


Can anyone let me know if there is an automated process in Users module that makes an user inactive if he/she doesn't login into any of the OutSystems application for a certain period. If so, is there a way we can customize the period to make an user inactive from our application? 

Thanks in Advance

Sai Ravali

Hi Sai Ravali Perni,

I think there is no automated process for user inactive.

You can create a Process Timer for this  accordingly. Also you can set this timer to run Time , day, week, or monthly wise.


Rahul Sahu


did you check this post:


I already used such a process.
The story was, the portal was of a B2C company and anyone could register. Because a big percentage of users never returned each account was inactivated by a timer after 6 months without a login.
(you have a LastLogin attribute in Users)

The downside is that you can't use isActive to validate users as usual (hasn't confirmed email address, was fired, etc) but at least your number of users will be closer to reality.

Note: in case the user returns, your login needs to check among inactive accounts. So you need to customize all login pages.

So, it can't be out of the box, but can be easily done.

Hi Nuno, 

We create a new User entity with a one-on-one relationship that contains all the extra data we need like for example; IsConfirmed, IsEmployee and more. This way it's real easy to get the correct filters up and running to match the correct userset. 

Great! Many companies just go with isActive for one of those and only do the extended entity when they need a second.

The User.is_active I read as "counts for licensing" and all others should go on the side as you do.