Mac Parallels "The installer cannot be executed from a network folder." 11.6.32


Now that the Mac development environment no longer works with Catalina, I am trying to install the development on a VM under Parallels running Windows 10. I recall seeing the below error message in the past. I assume this is because Parallels shares the Downloads folder between Mac and Windows.

Previously I would copy the installer to random places that looked local-ish and hope for the best. Is there a standard place people place the installer in Parallels so that it will run? I am looking for best practice here as we roll out Outsystems development in my company.

Many thanks, Marty

Did you set the execute autorization on your shared folder? Also check if the authorization on your Mac (read, execute, modify, etc.) are correctly set.

Thanks for the follow-up. I did not enable those settings. To be truthful, I would not know where to set them. Instead, I decided to run Service Studio from an AWS Workspace (Desktop as a Service), which is free right now and rather cheap at normal pricing. Service Studio installed without a hitch and now I can run it from any machine without needing to host a VM.


Hey Marty,

If you revisit this, you should be able to install it from anywhere on the C: drive.  Generally, I create a C:\Tools folder.  If you copy the install to C:\Tools and then run it, you should not receive this error.

In the mean time, enjoy AWS Workspace!

Hope that helps!