COVID-19 Community Response Update - April 3

Hello Community, and happy Friday! 

Below is a quick update on the status of the COVID-19 Community Response Program.

Project #13
Even though it’s Friday, and this is the 13th project we’re announcing, that doesn’t make it unlucky! Read on for more about the next idea that’s moving forward!

One of the challenges during this pandemic is to make sure critical assets are available in the areas that need them the most. The goal of this idea is to manage masks, gloves, disinfectant spray, cooked meals, isolation areas for quarantine or treatments, medical material, or any other critical asset that is relevant in the current situation. 

This information will be shared across governmental entities and the platform will work as a hub that allows municipalities to request or share resources.

This idea has the support of the Lisbon Municipality.

Criteria reminder:

  • Potential impact as measured by total population helped

  • Technical feasibility of using the OutSystems platform

  • Project team commitment to build and run the project

  • Availability of relevant subject matter experts in the team 

See you again Monday!

This will definitely help the local bodies and the government. Is there a plan to launch this to broader community e.g. outside Lisbon or globally?

Hello Swatantra.

The moment an app is ready, to make it available in more cities is just a matter of changing language, logos and maybe changing some static entities.

They must be independent of each other because of privacy laws (it handles sensitive data) but the module can be relocated and adapted fairly quickly.

Hi Nuno,

I thought so, wanted to confirm. Once the logic has been developed, cloning the app shouldn't be the issue unless each county/country has different ways of identifying and registering medical equipments/assets and health care providers. 

Btw Thank you for the response.