[Active Directory] how to get the specific OU users

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Published on 13 Jan by Renato Pauleta
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Published on 13 Jan by Renato Pauleta

In the ADConfiguration, may i get users under specified OU? 

I have tried to define the Domain to be 

         OU=XX, DC=domain, DC=com, DC=HK (not work)

         xx.domain.com.hk (not work)

Any ideas?

Also, what usage of 'Container' in the ADConfiguration?


Hi Jessica,

It's a late response but I hope it helps. 

An Organizational Unit (OU) is also a Container object, so in that sense maybe you should pass the OU path as Container.

In my project, I needed to connect to the local ActiveDirectory of a client. I started with the AD component as well, but then switched to the LDAP Forge component as it provided better flexibility and ease of use. I recommend it if you are able to use it in your project.

I use the Search action of that component. It might need some customization to fit your needs, but it should work out-of-the-box. And it doesn't take Container as input parameter; just username, password and path for the server.

The path should look something like this: [LDAP Server Path + OU Path]



Thank Ozan.

Let me try to use LDAP.