[Send Email] From not working
Forge component by Sudip Dey
Published on 27 Dec 2019

Hi, has you can see, i have the email configuration working fine.

The problem is, i put an different email from the one who is configured in the service center, and still the email that i get isn't from the "FROM" field that i configured.


Hi have the test@gmail.com configured on service center

in the form on the "FROM" field i configure personal@gmail.com

When i receive the email, the email was sent from the test@gmail.com and not from the personal@gmail.com

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It depends on the SMTP service you are using, some allow to specify separate from email address and some not.

Looks like you are using gmail SMTP which doesn't allow to specify different from email address then the one you are using to send emails. It will always show the same email address in from which you are using in email configuration.

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Use the EmailAddressCreate built-in function to create an encoded value for the 'From' property.The default sender is configured in the Email Configuration in Service Center.

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I try the EmailAddressCreate but still doesnt work. I will try a different SMTP Service