Request to the server have been blocked by an extension

I have implemented a popup with several links as its content. But we are seeing this.

This was the way we implemented it. 

It was previously working, but now it doesn't. Does everyone know what to check in this scenario?

Few points:

  • We have this on SSO
  • It is working on IE, but not on chrome 
  • On chrome, it works when you open in a new tab

This notification is from a browser extension. OutSystems can't control this. Check your browser extensions and disable these one by one to find the culprit.

Check the screenshot of where you can manage your extensions in crhome


With further checking and discussion, we deduced that there were changes in the security, enabling Content Security Policy in Lifetime. 

Check this: Content Security Policy

Since these are valid security measures, we had to find a work around.

Option 1: Instead of using iframes/popups, use modals.

Option 2: On the Extended property of the link, we added target = "_blank".

We went for option 2 because this involve less code change.