Convert alternative Characterset from Oracle database

I have read the forum post and documentation about supported character sets of an external Oracle database.

However, I have a situation where I integrate with an Oracle database that has set its Characterset property to 'US7ASCII'. We see that special characters (for example é and à) are shown as question marks (even in View data).

Since the database is also used by other applications, it's probably not an option to change the characterset property.

Is there any way to correct the conversion?




you can use the oracle function convert

select ....., convert(column-name,'us7ascii','utf8') as ......,

from ....


you can read from the docs

Common character sets

Character SetDescription
AL32UTF8Unicode 5.0 Universal character set UTF-8 encoding form
EE8MSWIN1250Microsoft Windows East European Code Page 1250
JA16SJISTILDEJapanese Shift-JIS Character Set, compatible with MS Code Page 932
US7ASCIIUS 7-bit ASCII character set
UTF8Unicode 3.0 Universal character set CESU-8 encoding form
WE8EBCDIC1047IBM West European EBCDIC Code Page 1047
WE8ISO8859P1ISO 8859-1 West European 8-bit character set
WE8MSWIN1252Microsoft Windows West European Code Page 1252
ZHT16MSWIN950Microsoft Windows Traditional Chinese Code Page 950

Hope it helps you

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