Hi, I'm using version 10 and I'm very very new to this and clueless. But I need some help. 

How do I create an application that allows employees to self update their attendance in this common application available to them? With various fields like their names, present or not, on medical leave, half day absenteeism etc, and also a remarks column if they have remarks to indicate.

This application shall be real time and the date is automatically updated daily.

I do have a spreadsheet of all employees but due to personal data protection, I do not wish to put in on googlesheet.  

I do not understand the various widgets functions tools etc. Any guide I can look up for such similar projects ?

Thanks alot !!!


If you are using version 10, I assume you are with an Enterprise version. Warning: support to version 10 is over next month.

Not knowing how clueless you are, the best I can say is for you to go through the online classes. You can filter for OutSystems 10 so you don't get information on components you can't use.

Then, you can go to Forge and look at similar apps (search for Attendance) or even within the same fields like Time Sheet to understand the logic of working with employee's information and time management.

@Nuno: It was announced by mail that support will be extended to end of the year b/o Corona.