Popup Editor with disabled link

Popup Editor with disabled link


Hi, all.

I use Popup_Editor RichWidget with some links that sometimes are disabled. When this happens IE (6, 7 or 8) throws an error ("Popup link id must be the id of a Link Widget with Method Navigate.") and the subsequent RichWidgets (actually, any JavaScript) doesn't work (e.g., Cell_MergeRight doesn't merge, List_LateLoad doesn't load).

You can see this behaviour in the following screen, a capture of the Style Guide template with a condition for the "New contact" link: when it is disabled the contacts list doesn't load.

Any ideas that allow me to keep using these links with the disabled property (instead of hiding or removing them)? BTW, it works either with Firefox or Chrome.


Hi Henrique,

An easy workaround for this is putting an IF widget around the PopupEditor web block that is false whenever the link is disabled (use the same logic for the IF around the PopupEditor and the Link Enabled Property).

I will send this feedback to our technical support team.

Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Hi Henrique,

We were able to replicate the misbehavior your describing and it was already forward to our R&D to be corrected, in the mean time we would suggest that you hide it or remove it.

A visual solution for the problem would be having an If widget as Daniel said.

Best regards,
Renato Gonçalves

Hi, Renato.

Thanks for the reply.

I already used the "if" as an workaround, since the problem arised on a production environment, where our costumer only uses IE, and it had to be solved.

It would be nice if you guys could check this other two "problems" with Rich Widgets behaviour:

(1) When using Input_Autocomplete_GetIndentifier action (e.g., in a "Save" action), with Google Chrome I get the requested "Id" plus this "%20" string (check this other post, Input_Autocomplete_GetIndentifier problem ).
(2) When you use Input_Autocomplete with a disabled input.

Best regards,
Hi all,

I also have this problem and the solution to solve it was put an if widget  in popup editor with Boolean variable that I'm using to control the link disable property and work's.

My Service Studio is

There is another more efficient way to doing this?

Best Regards
Bruno Figueiredo

Hi Bruno,

1) Name your actual link (MyLink) and hide the same link using a "hidden" css class, like Class="Invisible" or extended property style="DISPLAY: none;"
2) Create a new link pointing to a new screen action called DoClick
3) On your DoClick action flow and using the public action Widget_Click referenced from RichWidets eSpace, sending the MyLink.Id as parameter, is possible to trigger  the "click" event on your hidden link.

Rafael Pereira