BPT API or EPA Taskbox API - get list of activities assigned to a role


I am trying to find if there is a easy way to getting list of human activities assigned to a role (not accepted by a user). I looked at BPT and EPA Taskbox API.

Closest I was able to get the GetActivities with inbox filter. However, not clear on how to use it to get the activities assigned to role (not group).

Would appreciate any help.

Hi Sunil, 

You can do this using an aggregate on the activity tables. You are looking for 3 tables particularly - Activity, Activity_Definition and Activity_Def_Role, these can be found in under (system) dependency. 

You would filter out by Activity.User_id (0 for non-assigned), Activity_def_Role.Role_Id (for the role you want) and Activity_Definition.Kind = HumanActivity. 

Thank you. Will try that.