[ReactFilePondUpload] Does filepond allow uploading an entire folder?
Forge component by Stuart Harris


I'm currently evaluating ReactFilePondUpload Forge component. Regarding the available filepond features it seems that it is possible to drop an entire folder and have its files uploaded. Further sources [1] [2] suggest this same behavior. Still, I'm unable to find the right configuration (by inspecting the library's documentation) to get the drop zone working as expected, nor is this a default behavior of the available demo app in this Forge component... did anyone find how to make this work?



Hi Pedro,

Thank you for a great question.  Unfortunately, the ReactFilePondUpload forge component does not yet implement the ability to drop an entire folder.  Many but not all features of the filepond javascript component have been implemented so far.

See the documentation tab for a full explanation of what is currently available in the component.

Thank you, I will add this to the roadmap for the component.

Kind regards,


Thanks Stuart,

Much clearer now. Great job with this component, by the way!

After pursuing this matter further I've confirmed that the simplest example provided in filepond website already works (files are even uploaded recursively per subfolder, as mentioned on an earlier reference): 

...all that's left is to figure out what configurations they've used there >D



Thanks Pedro,

At a guess, I would first try removing number of files limitation (set it to zero).

In fact, I just tried that on the traditional apps filepond upload forge component where you can adjust the configuration and it uploaded a folder of files.

Kind regards,


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