[Google Analytics] [Team joining request] Google Analytics component improvements + O11

Forge Component
Published on 19 Jun by Sofia Mourato
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Published on 19 Jun by Sofia Mourato


This component has proven to be very useful and - indeed - simple to use. I would like to help improving it by publishing a new version with the following features:

  • Ability to initialize the Google Analytics script asynchronously from within Ajax Requests and/or Ajax Refreshes
  • IsLoaded() Action that returns whether the Google Analytics script has been initialized in the current request
  • Safety mechanism for the SendEvent() Action which buffers the event information on the client-side if the user is about to leave the page (Navigation node) or has triggered a Submit request or Downloading a file, so that the event is transmitted the next time Google Analytics is loaded
  • Included missing optional UserId attribute in the Initialization Web Block
  • Included a nice icon for the Initialization Web Block
  • Improved nomenclatures and descriptions

All changes are backwards compatible and will be released for both Platform Versions 10 and 11.

I already sent a team joining request.


Hello Caio,

Thanks for the interest shown. We would like to review your proposed changes before adding them to the existing version.