Guidance on External Users using Free version


I am writing a non profit organisation platform that has mainly External users (Mobile App) and some <10 internal Users on an Internal Responsive Web App. I am doing so using the Free version to prove that it can work before raising funds to buy a paid version. 

I need some advice please as I see the External users licensing model is changing from Jan 2020 and it appears to be in flux and minimal info about the new way of working.

1. Can what I am doing actually be done in the free version? Apparently one gets is 100 Internal users only for the Free version. No mention of any External users on the website. I could start by testing only using internal user id's just to prove my concept, then later pay. If there is a better way please advise.

2. I am trying to avoid using an external IdP as it just incurs extra costs. Okta, Oauth0, AAD, etc. Can what I want to do be done using the generic Users of OutSys if I buy the external user licenses later?

3. How much does it cost to buy a unit of external users - I see no mention of these costs other than that they are 100th cheaper than the internal user cost? Is there more info on these commercials, e.g. Min amounts of users at a time, etc.

4. I am writing a login or register mobile App and as I register and create users (with grant to User Manager role to create) they are being deleted, or giving login errors. But the same login code works fine for my existing users. Is this part of the fact that they are external users and OS is automatically not allowing them?

Thanks in advance

Hi Charles,


The free version of OutSystems is 1 environment (only DEV) no production. It is not meant to be used for production and limited to 1 developer account and 100 internal users. No external users.


For a solution that you have in mind, no external idP is needed, but either way, every externally hosted identity is backed by an OutSystems internal/external user.


You should ask OutSystems that, they sell it.


What do you mean with your 'existing users' ? 

External users are users with a different domain name than your OutSystems application.



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your quick reply.

You said: 1. The free version of OutSystems is 1 environment (only DEV) no production. It is not meant to be used for production and limited to 1 developer account and 100 internal users. No external users.

I am aware that this isn't a long term solution and that I will need to upgrade from free once done, but my goal is to do an MVP and get the base code working using this mechanism to prove the concept for investors so that I can raise funds to get the whole thing going properly, including buying the relevant licenses. 

So provided as you mention in 2, the Outsystems user base can in the long term be used to hold my external users then I'm happy to carry on, but I'm not sure how I will test this if I am not allowed external users? I thought I would simply be able to use a small set of internal users to prove the prototype. Essentially as long as I can get the mobile app to work being able to register any user from a mobile (using internal email addresses as usernames), I'll use it later with the relevant licenses but with no change to the code being required.

On 3, I'll email the sales guys separately.

On 4. I registered my free outsystems license from a email account and therefore no specific domain name. So I have a random list of about 7 Users entered both manually and programmatically. It worked fine for a few days, when I was building my User extension Reactive web app, but now that I am doing the same on the Mobile App is seems to be doing weird things. 

I suspect that as I register a new account (programmatically) it is simply refused entry when I do a User_Login with valid credentials that I can momentarily see in the Users list, but then it suddenly shows a red "User was Deleted message" when I refresh the Users screen.

I tried to create a new user with the domain name but that also failed.

Who do I ask how to proceed from here? Outsystems 

Thanks for your help though Daniel, much appreciated.

Hi Charles,


I did understand your goals, I just wanted to point out the limitations, one being the limits on users.


Each user that you allow to login to your mobile app is an OutSystems user.

So with the current free license limited to 100 users.

For OutSystems a user with an email address not being the domain name of your user license is considered to be an external user. For more info read:

For a paid license external users are 'cheaper' than internal users, due to the higher volume of users one has in a B2C application.


You have a specific domain name for your free license being:

<yourfreeacount>, and this can not be changed.

So any user-identifying with is an external user.

You can do your MVP, with your PE, taken into consideration all the limitations. Also, the fact that you have to make a frequent change in the environment else it goes into sleeping mode.




Thanks again Daniel,

I read:

but it dies not work as described. It says navigate to Administration | Licensing then select "End users Configuration"

When I do that I get no link for "End users configuration" so cannot change anything. 

I've tried using <yourfreeacount> - but not sure exactly the extent of the domain. 

My actual domain is, but I registered as Should my user emails be or ? THe latter does not work, I'll try the outsystemscloud one now.


Nope seems like that also doesn't work either

Got it working... stupid error. My testing was only putting in short two to four digit passwords. Got it working now. Thanks for your help.

Hi Charles,

Maybe I didn't make myself clear but the End-user configuration is for paid licenses. No change in configuration possible.

But more interesting from your screenshot is the following

Apparently, new to me, the number of active named users is now unlimited in a personal environment.

So in your case, you don't have to worry at all, good news I think.