RunJavaScript action in reactive web apps

Hi Everyone,

In a reactive web app I'm using the RunJavaScript action (HTTPRequestHandler module) inside a server action but it does not seem to have any effect. 

I'm aware that, from a conceptual point of view, it may make no sense to use the RunJavaScript action in a reactive web app but, if it does not work, it probably means some other actions in the HTTPRequestHandler module are also not working.

Does anyone know if the actions in that module do not work on reactive apps?



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Hi Rui,

I really don't know if other actions from HTTPRequestHandler work in Reactive or not but, why you don't use the Javascript tool for reactive?

I think that this could help you.

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Hi Rui,

Have you added Jquery file in your screen if you are using jquery code incase.


Could you please share oml,So that i can look into that

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Hi All,

Thanks for your answers. 

I am aware I can use a JavaScript widget in a client action but not in a server action. It probably makes no sense using RunJavaScript in pure reactive apps but consider the case in which I am consuming a server action from a traditional web module which itself invokes actions from HTTPRequestHandler? Would it work as expected?

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Hi Rui,

You are right, several HTTPRequestHandler actions only make sense in server-rendered (aka traditional) web apps. But with a bit of effort almost anything can be done using JavaScript (or better yet, client actions that hide that JavaScript). For including external JavaScript libraries in particular there is already a RequireScript system action:

Tiago Simões