So we setup a simple team portal using Wordpress as the framework.  We want to explore building this team portal out using Outsystems but sadly, we can't seem to configure simple web forms to execute email messages.  

Below is a gif showing two screens, the left is Outsystems and our test app, on the right is our current team portal using Wordpress.  Trying to just setup the Time Adjustment form but getting all kinds of errors and we are not understanding the requests being made.  

For example, the form wants a source variable.... the form is the source. How do I tell the form to reference itself? I only want to create static local elements on the screen, the user makes their selection, then we execute an email which goes to our business applications that manage the business like a CRM and BMS. That's it.  

I have referenced this lesson, https://www.outsystems.com/learn/courses/129/building-reactive-web-forms/

Along with reviewing other lessons that may pertain to this but none address my issues directly.  All utilize databases within the application which we don't need as the BMS and CRM handle this, we are just pushing out specific standard operating procedures using webforms when the CRM and BMS do not allow us to customize at a granular level. And the CRM and BMS apps receive the info by email and process as needed using conditional logic programmed into each app.  

Looking for more specific instructions or a finished example of how to set up a web form like the one displayed in the above gif.  Thanks.    

Hi Alex,

You are comparing Wordpress, a content management system, which targets content editors to build websites, to OutSystems a low-code application development platform, which targets professional developers to build mobile and web applications. There is a different skill set required for both products.

For what you want to achieve, isn't Wordpress the easiest and cheaper solution? OutSystems targets the enterprise and the license fee starts at over 4k per month for a paid license.

That said, you can build, with the proper OutSystems knowledge really advanced applications, and although most training lessons build applications that query a database or store data in a database, that is not obligatory in any solution.

You followed some reactive web training lessons. Reactive Web application development is relatively new in OutSystems, and does not yet support to implement sending emails in an easy way (it is however on the roadmap for this year I think). For now, it is possible with a workaround. 

The Traditional Web application template does contain good support to send emails.




We would like to replace our CRM and BMS as we have limitations to both and we have had to create a portal on Wordpress to bring a central location for all of these various apps, to create a complete workflow for each employee from start to finish.  Wordpress is not ideal for this either but it's low code design allowed us to quickly spin up a solution in-house.  

But before we go all-in on Outsystems(we are considering just building using Google Cloud or AWS and building our own framework from scratch) but Outstsyems is interesting, we need to be sure it can execute basic functions and run with no issues over a period of time.  We are concerned that we will be boxed in like we are using Wordpress and that Outsystems is not dynamic enough to execute the workflows to run a field service business. We can't just take the sales team at Outsystems word for it that everything will work as needed, many devs and apps have promised us everything but when we test, we run into issues.  So our Team Portal built using Wordpress, being a very simple web app, is a perfect example to replicate, but the constant road blocks have been frustrating and I'm looking for guidance.  

We assumed Outsystems would be able to achieve this for a field service operation like the one we manage but if it can't replicate some of the basic Wordpress functions we are utilizing like creating forms and sending emails, it definitely will not be able to handle the advanced workflow and routing logic we need to accomplish with a BMS we build ourselves. 

Thanks for the reply...


Are you planning to do all development in house, or are you looking for OutSystems partner to deliver the project?

I think without any solid knowledge and experience of OutSystems, the (valid) promise from OutSystems will not be fulfilled, at least not in the time frame you probably have in mind. As having no to little OutSystems knowledge or assistance you will "learn-on-the-job".

There is a training planner feature on the OutSystems learn site that you can use to find out the skill sets and the training courses to follow, for the type of application you want to develop.




Appreciate the reply.  

All depends if we can properly test Outsystems and setup some simple functions that we can incorporate into our daily workflow to ensure that we can rely on Outsystems 24/7 with 99% uptime.  No way for us to verify this info without some type of test application that we can incorporate into our day-to-day.