Hi everyone,

I'm having a strange problem: the List_LateLoad of RichWidgets isn't working. When I enter for the very first time in a screen, the RefreshTable action isn't called. I'm talking about the template available in Outsystems.

When I click in "Search" button, everything works just fine.

I already debugged the application and the function isn't really called.

I'm using it in Windows Server 2008 RC2.

Can anybody help me with this?

I know that I can put in preparation action the logic for the fist time I access the page, but the main goal is to use what should work instead of a workaround
Hi Carlos, 

can you share your espace with that screen to check if your missing something?

It's the template solution from Outsystems. I didn't change it at all.

New info:

The List_LateLoad is called and calls NotifyWidget action but...I'm wondering how that widget knows that he must run the "RefreshTable" doesnt receive anything!

Can anybody help me?
Hi Carlos,

When you add the List_LateLoad widget to the screen flow you must fill the OnNotify callback, this is mandatory. This is where the RefreshTable is supposed to be called.


Somehow, i lost the onNotify in the block. Maybe some problem during the solution upload.

It's fixed.

Tks for all feedback.
You're welcomed.