Has OutSystems released Platform Server 11.8.0?

I don't see it available for download...

There are some important new features announced there - like SSO between Traditional, RWA, PWA, or even Human Activity Destination property in RWAs.

I see it being mentioned in several places, from Forge Components (OutSystems UI Templates Reactive), on "What's New" section, in documentation... I even see it available for upgrade in an aPaaS environment:

Why can't we download it?

Would be nice to have some official view on this.




Hi Tiago,

It was released yes, but only in OutSystems Cloud. The release date for the self-managed (on-premise), the one that is provided through the Download page, is currently planned to April 27th.


Hi Tiago,

Thank you. Good to know.

Sorry for asking, but was this information available somewhere?

Hi Tiago.

The release date is mentioned in the OutSystems Release Cycle page, as usual. But you are right that the release date mentioned there didn't mention the fact that will be the date for the cloud release and that for self-managed infrastructures it will only be available a couple of weeks later.

What I can tell you is that our product teams responsible for the release process is currently looking into this process so that it can be improved in a way to better communicate with our community and customers.

In any case, thank you, Tiago, for reaching us with your concerns and, please, continue to do it to help us improve!

Hi again, Tiago.

I just want to let you know that due to unforeseen events the release of 11.8 initially planned to be provided for self-managed installations on April 27th, is now planned to May 4th.

hi, where can the patchnotes be found?

Hi Caulibeam,

Release Notes of Platform Server version 11.8.0 can be found here.



Thanks for the update Tiago.

Looking forward to this release.

Just FYI.

Platform Server 11.8.0 was released today for self-managed installations.