I have generated my native app in android and downloaded my app into 2 of my devices. However, in my device table, there is only one entry and the userId is incorrect too. This means that the 2 device that i downloaded my app on is not recorded in the device table. Is there something wrong or did i miss out anything? 

Hi Jolene,
Can you let us know you are using local DB or not.
and on both devices you are logging with same userid or different.


Rahul Sahu

Can you give more details about what you are talking about?

But if you are talking about the device table of a plugin, it is possible that in your device registration logic it is not correct, or is not in the correct place, which means that it is not going through the right place.

If it is a new plugin in your application, you need to generate a new application and install it.

Hi Jolene,

As Miguel said, debug your logic where you are getting device id (I hope you are using common plugin) and sending it to save along with user id to your device table.

You have already tried to debug then please share your oml here so that we can check. Mostly it looks like something wrong in the logic itself.

Hi all, 

I think i got mixed up between 2 device entities. I was looking at the device entity from OutsystemsNowService when i should be looking at the device entity from OneSignalAPI. I added the correct device entity (from OneSignalAPI) and saw the 2 device that i installed my app in. Thank you for your help.