How to access iOS gallery when selecting files?

Hello everyone. I currently developing a mobile app that enable users to upload multiple files. I'm using FileChooserPlugin for the native selector and then FilePlugin to upload it as multiple files to the DB. It works well on the Android devices, the file selector are able to access phone's local storage and paths. But on the iOS it only can access the iCloud drive or any other cloud drives in the device.

My questions is:

1. is those plugins are capable for accessing the iOS's local storage path or locations? or maybe i should try different plugins in the forge?

2. do i need a permission or certificate when configuring the Apple identifier capabilities? if yes, how to do it?

3. if the answers of my questions above are a no, so it's the iOS platform that not authorizing the users to access the local storage? or even the OS platform that not capable for achieve it?



Same issue here, is there any solutions or alternative way to do this? I am stuck in the usage of file chooser plugin, it only redirect to the iCloud.

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