Carousel Widget - Traditional Web


I currently have a web form that incorporates the carousel. All is working fine.

What I want to do is start the carousel where it last displayed before the user navigated to another form.The carousel widget has a option called 'initialposition' used to set the starting position but I can't find anything that allows me to capture the index currently being displayed. If I had that it would obviously be easy to start the carousel at the next image.

Traditional Web, Outsystems UI, version 11.


Colin Douglass

Hi Colin,

Maybe these instructions can help you get the current position of a Carousel item. This article applies to SilkUI, but it should be the same for OutSystemsUI (although I haven't tried it myself).


The above link is for SilkUI Mobile so you can ignore it. This post is for SilkUIWeb and might be helpful to you.



Hello Nordin,

Thanks for your reply but the link that is eventually reached by clicking the link you provided in the EDIT doesn't have an option - at least that I could find - to capture the current index.

Any other ideas?


Hi Colin,

I have looked into the Carousel widget and its properties and I think you're right. In Traditional Web, I'm afraid there isn't any straightforward option to capture the current position of the Carousel widget. AFAIK, you can only achieve this in Reactive Web Apps or Mobile Apps.

The link I sent you is about using the Owl Carousel API in order to navigate to a specific Carousel item which is not what you were looking for.