Could you explain the difference between "runtime" and "design time" settings?

I understand that "at runtime", would be changes that are changed quickly without the user feeling these changes and can also be made by the Service Center or just by him (and that is the difference)?

Thank you

Hi Karina,

"Design time" settings are the static/default values that are defined during development before publishing a module, like for example, we define the records for static entities.

This could be anything that requires a "publish" action for module to get reflect at UI.

Hope this helps you.!



Hi Karina,

Design Time - During the code development time/phase

For example:.

Static Entity record can be modified or updated during the Design Time i.e. during the development phase of the application (during code changes) using Service Studio

Run Time - During the Application Life Cycle execution/use i.e end-user using the application 

For example:. 

Dynamic Entity records can be modified at the application run-time using the Entity action (CRUD Actions)

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam