Ability to customize Service Studio add custom productivity features

I would like to build and contribute custom features to the SErvice Studio adding more features related to productivity, to make the studio more usable and friendly. 

Is there any SDK available to use or what is the procedure to build custom plugins for the Studio?

Hi Arun,

Afaik there isn’t an SDK or any custom plugins available for people to extend the features of Service Studio. Only OutSystems staff is allowed to do so.

However, there is a way you can contribute! This Community Forum had an idea section where you can submit new ideas for features you want to see implemented in Service Studio. And if those ideas get much attention from the community, you might just see them getting implemented by OutSystems! Many features available in Service Studio today, started with an idea on this forum!

Hope this information helps.



Hi Arun,

As Nordin said you can submit your ideas and there are many existing ideas also for Service Studio specifically. You can like them in order to give them more visibility. You can check all service studio related ideas on this link