React DataPoint list sort has a bug

I believe I found a bug - if you make a datapoint list (this is in react - not sure if it does the same thing in traditional web), which is being passed into one of the built in line charts, where the label is having a date put into it - if once you have your list complete and you try to do a ListSort on the datapoint list sorting by that value, it appears it doesn't look at the year and just looks and the month and day.  The result is if you have a list that stays inside one year, its fine.  But if you have a list that runs from Dec 2018 to Feb 2019, the first item in the list is January 1 up to Feb, then the list jumps back to December.  The result on the line chart of this happening is it looks like the line crosses back on itself.  The list I am using to create the datapoint list is in date order - so if I don't do the ListSort once I have built the datapoint list, then the graph comes out perfect.  However, there are cases I can see where I don't have a nicely sorted list before I build the datapoint list so this could be a problem.

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Hi Jason,

can you share an example oml.  

I'm trying to do the same, but I'm getting my dates in the correct order on the chart.  Are you doing some sort of aggregation by period (such as totalling values per month) or are you using some fancy format for representing the dates ?