How to save datepicker range state


I try set up DatePicker, but have the problem with state:

When I select date range, then click to empty space and return to DatePicker, it doesn't save state of my selection. 

What I missed?

Please help me find solution

Hi kirill_code,

I downloaded your applicaation and its working fine.

look below url-


Rahul Sahu

Rahul Sahu same situation. It doesn't save state inside widget. E.g if I select two dates, they will not be marked in widget in second time. Only enddate, but not both. Please look in attached video.

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Hi Kirill,

Are you using Reactive or Web Traditional? I got it working in Reactive with the latest version of OutSystems UI


Kind regards,



If not using Reactive, there's also a forge component that could be useful for you:

Demo page:


Vincent Koning, I use Traditional Web

Hi Kirill,

See the following demo in Trad. Web:

The only unique thing I did is that I used the variable that I store the value in is also the variable for the initial value. Perhaps this is the change you where looking for?

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scrap this........ I see I messed up somewhere.....

Hi kirill_code

As Paulo Jadaugy said in the above comment please take a look at that forge component it can help you solve your problem 

 here I am adding one more date range picker forge component:

you please take a look on these components, and use the same logic in your code

Thank you all for help!

I hoped that we can find how to work with standard widget. I guess that this bug behaviour