Windows Vista/7 IIS Concurrent Connection Limits

Windows Vista/7 IIS Concurrent Connection Limits

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With the release of IIS 7 (Windows Vista and 2008) and IIS 7.5 (Windows 7), Microsoft introduced a different approach to limit the number of connections to the Web Server. Instead of blocking the HTTP connections above the maximum number of connections limited in IIS 6, IIS 7 will now queue any new requests, an allow limited number of concurrent connections at the same time. This is true for Windows Vista and Windows 7 desktop operating systems, since Windows 2008 server editions will allow unlimited number of concurrent connections to IIS.

The current limit for each operating system and edition can be found on the links above:

Understanding IIS7 Request Restrictions on Windows Vista
IIS limits imposed by Operating System version

As you can see, Windows Vista Home Premium is particularly affected, since it only allows 3 concurrent HTTP connections to the IIS. All other connections will get queued on IIS. So if you're attempting to debug an espace and open it in the browser, you most likely hit this limit, since both the web browser and the Service Studio will create one of more connections to IIS for the debugger.

In order to get most out of the Agile Platform Community Edition when installed on the Windows Vista with limited concurrent connections, and hopefully minimize the impact of these limits, I suggest you decrease the default idle timeout for the IIS, allowing a higher rate of network connections rotation, otherwise, you might get a lot of queued connections in IIS for much longer. You can do that by changing the Default Web Site Connection time-out default value from 120 to 1 seconds. Instructions available Set Connection Limits in IIS 7 / 7.5.

Hope this helps improving the Agile Platform Community Edition's out there, on Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers.


Miguel Simões Joaõ
Same with windows 8.1, debug only works in windows 8.1 Pro.
With Windows 8.1 (OEM) debug hanged always Service Studio.