Attempting to Test Mobile Apps From Personal Environment?

Can I test a mobile app developed in my personnel environment on an iOS device (iPhone)?  I looked in the App Store for an OutSystems app and don't really see anything.




Yes, you can test but for that, you will need Ad-hoc certificates & Provisioning Profile which are generated from an enterprise account of the apple-developer portal.

So unless you have an enterprise account - you can't :)

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Hi FrankCLT,

Adding to what assif said,  you can also test it by enabling the PWA feature which can be enabled by lifetime.

Below is the link for refrence :

Note: PWA feature is in testing phase so might some of the features not support.

Hope these links helps you.

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What about Android devices?  Yes, that did help...Thank you.

FrankCLT wrote:

What about Android devices?  Yes, that did help...Thank you.

For android, you can just build a debug type build & you don't need any certificate for dev build for that

Great info....thanks all.....

Thanks FrankCLT

Happy to know, you resolve.