Reload Web Block from Parent Page Reactive Web

Is there an easier way to force a web block to reload (essentially trying to run the "OnParametersChange" event) from the parent page?

I found this article explaining how to accomplish something like this, but it seems a little involved to be a reusable solution.

I need to tell a web block to refresh its aggregates from the parent page, but it does not change the Parameters at all, so it isn't automatically refreshing.



Hi Jordan, 

That solution in that article allows more than just reloading the block, it allows to invoke specific actions inside it.  Context is form validation with a form spread across many blocks.

When simply wanting to reload, what would work is adding an extra input field on the block that you change, forcing the on parameters change.  It's not pretty, but it works.  I did in the past with for example increasing a counter that is part of the input parameters.