How to create a detail page?

I tried to make a detail page but I don't know why it does not show the data?

This is what it shows:

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Hi Faris,

Does your DomArrReportDetail screen have an input parameter of (I'm guessing here) DomArrReportId (Type Entity Identifier) and an Aggregate GetDomArrReportById that fetches a single record based on your DomArrReportId input parameter?

Furthermore, you need to create a navigation link between your List screen (DomArrReport) and your Detail screen (DomArrReportDetail) on which you pass the following value to the DomArrReportId input parameter of your Detail screen.


Assuming you DomArrReport entity contains data, you be able to see data in you Detail screen by now.

If you still need more assistance, maybe you can share your OML so we can take a look?

I would also like to suggest you to follow the Developing OutSystems Mobile Apps online course where you'll learn all the basics and a lot more cool stuff!

Hope this helps.



Hi Faris,

I installed you app but am unable to manage myself to any detail screen. Is there anything else that I need to do before I'm able to analyze your problem? Or should it work out of the box with the data bootstrapped?

Please add some instructions on how to encounter your problem in a step-by-step manner.

Yes I can but I also want to see the problem when I start the app so I can debug it. And with that I'm having issues.

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Hi Faris,

you need to pass in details screen

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