Monitoring Outsystems Metrics APM and Logs

Hi team,

We would like to integrate Outsystems with a monitoring solution. 

For logs, it looks that Outsystem keeps them in a database, are they also stored first in any log file that can be exported to our log management solution?

For APM, do you know if it is possible to instrument Outsystem applications?



Did you already check this information?

(other information)


If your running on a hosted solution then please keep in mind that installing any agents on the hosted servers is prohibited and will not be done by support.

Yes, I checked that article. In this case we would like integrate with a global monitoring solution. With the API we woild be able to collect some of the information, but I was wondering if we can collect directly the logs from the some file and if it is possible to instrument with APM.

In this case, software will be installed in customer DC.