[PDF Generator Plugin] UIWebView App Store conflict
Forge component by Experts
Published on 29 May 2020

I have a suspicion that this plugin uses UIWebView in its iOS source, which is now prohibited by Apple to be used in any app  submitted to the App Store. Would it be possible to confirm this? If so, any plans to mitigate this issue and replace UIWebView with WKWebView as dictated by Apple?


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There is an updated Cordova Plugin that seems to resolve the issue with the UIWebView reference. I am currently testing this component with the new Cordova plugin and it seems to pass the Apple app store police.

Rank: #1662

Yes Rui, I was. I had to resolve issues with two plugins: this PDF generator, for the solution see above and the File-viewer plugin, which now has a new version in the Forge.

If you still get issues when submitting your app, you will have to manually review all Cordova-based plugins by following the link in the extensibility configurations to the Github repository and inspect the iOS source code by searching for UiWebView references.

Good luck, Denis.