Split Large File's Binary Data into Smaller Binary Data Chunks and Upload these files

HI All,

I have a requirement to upload a large file(extension doesn't matter, it can be any extension from txt, Pdf to Video Files). and there is no limitation on file size as well - can go upto 5 GB.

So Is it possible to Split Large File's Binary Data into Smaller Binary Data Chunks at client system and Upload these smaller chunk files simultaneously to Outsystem. there by reducing the total upload time by at least 30 - 40% than usual.

Appreciate you help. and please point me in right direction.

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Hi Taraka Pavan Kumar Boddu,

You can take a look at this post. There's at least one jQuery component supporting chunking. This would work for Traditional Web

For Mobile/Reactive Web, you probably have to make direct use of the Blob API (and its slice() method) and for each slice of your file call a Server Action to send it to the server side... unfortunately these would be sequential, so if you want parallel you will likely need a bit more involved JavaScript...

Hope I at least managed to point you in the right direction...

HI Jorge Martins,

Thanks for your quick reply. Yes.. i think that is the right direction.. however.. I wanted to see if there is any OOB Feature or LowCode way of implementing this

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Hi all,

I am working in reactive web app and have encountered same problem to chunk large file into several small size-bytes fragment. May you share how to do it in sequential way? if possible, please provide me .oml for perusal.

Thank in advance.