New in the Community: Rate components and posts, and more!

New in the Community: Rate components and posts, and more!

It is with great pleasure that today marks the release of a new set of features in the OutSystems Agile Network.

Thanks to the feedback of many of you, and thanks to the effort of our Application Development team, I am proud to present you the following features that will hopefully improve your experience here.

Rate and Subscribe to your Favorite Components in the Network

That's right! From now on, no more wondering if a component you've been using has been updated, or trying to figure out exactly which component is the best for what you want.

You can now subscribe to e-mail notifications regarding changes and updates to your favorite components. You can also rate components so that others will know which components are the best among the whole component library in the Network!


Rate forum Posts

One more thing that we added to the forums was the possibility for one to rate each post in the Community, so that you can tell others which posts you find more useful, informative, and it's also a nice way to say "thanks" to the ones who help you out!


One other thing that might have gone by unnoticed, if you don't visit the forums frequently, is that there's a lot of information about the other users in the forums. You can now know how long each member has been around, if they are online right now - or how long ago were they online - and who are the top 10 most active posters in the last 30 days!

You can also let others know something more about you by adding a picture to your profile page - it's a great way to battle the generic grey man that sometimes floats around in the forums...

Grey Man

For now it's all, and as always, the Community will keep evolving with small incremental changes, so... keep your eyes peeled!

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

Awesome job :D

keep up the good work!!!
Looks pretty slick.

However you need a magnifying glass to see the thumbs.
Get some green/red thumbs to make it more visible
Examples:   and

Hi all!

Thanks for the feedback - and for the images! We think you might be onto something.

We'll definitely work on making this "No-magnifying glass" compliant in the coming sprints!

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares