How do we manage the complex CR development and deployment in Out systems

for example:-

I have 3 different CR's is in progress in development environment foe one module. and I want to deploy only 2nd CR in production.

Will it be possible?

can we create the Change set on the field level?

Hello Harshad,

The quick answer: feature flags.

Not-so-quick-answer: OutSystems doesn't support branching, i.e., you branch a certain CR and only merge the CR's you want. As such, the way we usually do to control which features should be shown or not to the user involves features flags. We bind a feature to a flag and, when ready to use, we mark it as "available".

A practical example of this is, for instance, showing a given action in a mobile application only if the required plugin is available - otherwise, it will just throw an error.


Hi Harshad,

Armando has beat me to the punch :), so I’ll just add these articles on ways to implement Feature Flags/Toggles in OutSystems.

Also, here’s a Forge component that might be useful.



There are many ways to achieve it, but I really wonder why you have 3 CR's in one module at any certain time.
This is a process issue which you want to solve by a technical solution.

Especially CR's should not take that long anyways, otherwise its a rebuild of a feature, which you should approach differently anyways.

Besides that, does it really hurt if you finish up CR1 first?

On the other hand, if it's a hotfix, well, fix it on acceptance and merge it back into dev afterwards for example.