Good morning,  we have a number of SQL and aggregate caches that are used to help speed up our application.   Most of the time these work great but there are times when the data might change and we would want the query to re-execute.

I found  the EspaceInvalidateCache action but that would invalidate all caches vs just the one we need done.   Any suggestions?   It would be great if we could control the cache setting via expression but that doesn't appear to be an option either.

Hi Josh,

AFAIK the only way to invalidate cache within an OutSystems application is by invalidating the cache of the entire module (using the EspaceInvalidateCache action).

I did a search on this forum in order to confirm my suspicion and I found this answer.

Hope this makes it more clear to you.



Thank you, I was hoping that there was another solution that was a better fit but I guess there isn't.