[QR Code Reactive] Error: "QRCode is undefined"

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Published on 28 Apr by Yuri Murakami
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Published on 28 Apr by Yuri Murakami

This works great in the example project. I struggle however to get it running in my project. 

I even copy the page as is over into the project but the results are the same. I get the error above, and in the development console I see:

QRCode is not defined
ReferenceError: QRCode is not defined

Any idea why?

Hi Eduard,

Same here! Just the demo is working!

I did try to move the module QrCode to my application and nothing...

Just figured it out: I had to copy the "qrcode" script (under Interface/Scripts) across into my project and add it to the required scripts (see screenshot).

Works perfectly fine now :)

Hello Leandro and Eduard,

I changed the component to include the script in the block so that if someone else tries to copy just the block the script missing will be enough warning: