CRUD operators on External Databases

I'm just learning about integration with external databases. I've successfully created a database connection (with Azure SQL server), and an associated extension which I can bring into my application. When I add it as a dependency however, it only gives me the "Create" operator. See below.

I've tested this & it works - I can create a record in the table, but how do I access the update/delete actions? (i.e. the usual actions that comes with Outsystems entities - as below)

Hello Steve.

Such actions are only available if you have a Primary Key.

Is one and only one attribute set as key?



The problem is that your entity needs and Identifier (as you have in your second picture) and this Identifier must also be set in Integration Studio.

For more info please watch:

Also read the next documentation regarding Primary key:




Yup - was missing a PK - thanks!